About Our School

Students Are Always Encouraged To Be Curious

We believe that children learn when they actively think about something, and we encourage them to be curious and ask a lot of questions.

Eminent School of Dhaka (ESD), a privately funded and co-ed institution. It is an inaugural institution of ELC foundation.

ELC has 7 years of successful experience of preparing confident, able and responsible young men and women who have achieved excellent International GCSE and A-Level qualification.

ESD aims to provide a totally meritocratic environment, in which our boys and girls will reach their very considerable potential both in their academic and extra-curricular pursuits, Insha’Allah!

We're a full-fledged school determined to boost knowledge









At ESD, we focus on individual students and try to bring out their inner Einsteins. Our teachers stick to the practical use cases of each concept within their subject that helps the students to learn their materials by heart. Our skill development courses are designed to prepare our students for the modern world, while our Art of Living classes promote moral responsibility and thought-process.

We believe that every student has high potential and hidden talents within them, and we give them a platform to showcase and work upon their talents. We always encourage every students to focus a lot more in their strengths, and minimize weaknesses that would act as a bottleneck.

We use state-of-the-art technology integrated classrooms that helps us to teach more effective. We have digital classrooms, internet access, and other digital technologies that enable students to get a broader view of the subjects that they’re learning.

Our teachers are always there to help – whenever you need them. They’ll support your growth and your learning choice from start to finish, while guiding you all the way! During studies, our teachers will make sure that you get a good grasp of the topic, and constantly revise up until you’re comfortable with the subject.