Our curriculum combines aspects of our two core academic traditions.

Create a stimulating bilingual learning environment that focuses on student learning, development and well-being and unleashes the creative potential.

Subject Overview

Our English classes are specially designed to develop the vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar of our students. We take special care of all our students to develop their English skills.

Our Science classes (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) are arranged in a way to teach students in a practical way so that they understand the content by heart.

We always make sure that mathematics classes are fun, and students are encouraged to solve problem in order to learn Mathematics by heart.

For students to succeed in their personal life, knowledge about Business is important. We take good care of boosting their knowledge about wealth creating, essential business knowledge and much more.

Our economics class provides the basic foundation for student’s understanding of the world around them. They can take informed decisions whenever economics is involved.

Students need to know about the essential technologies and how technology works in order to be successful in the modern times. 

While gaining knowledge, students are taught to be humble, and other soft skills that are required in everyday life.

Our skill development courses are specially designed to teach our students with essential computer skills that they’ll need in their future life.

We always ensure top-notch education to all our students, with individual attention given to everyone. We encourage creativity and curiosity, and take pride in our innovative curriculum.