Our mission

Mission Statement

ESD's mission is to produce young men and women who are confident, able and responsible – and has been since inception of ELC in 2014. This holistic view of the School’s role shall always be to educate and bring up boys and girls to be better men and better women.

When boys and girls leave us they not only have exceptional academic records, but are prepared to go and take their place in the world. We want them go on to enjoy successful, fulfilled and happy adult lives, whilst making a positive contribution to others in society.

Boys and girls have typically performed incredibly strongly in public examinations, with a clean sweep of 9 at International GCSE or A* at A-level not being uncommon at ELC. They then took up places at great universities, both in the Bangladesh and abroad.

However, our aim will always be that there is more to life at ESD than examination results. Boys and girls gain a fully rounded experience, with as much focus on what goes on beyond the classroom as within it.
In keeping with the ELC’s traditions, but recognizing the opportunities presented by the 21st century's technological advance, the Board has recently confirmed the School’s mission.

Vision Statement

The ESD vision: we care, therefore we question, we explore, we give and as a result, we succeed.

These three core values govern the implementation of our curriculum and programs

Students getting individual attention and support

We believe in empowering creativity, and our core mission is to work upon each student’s strengths. We provide extensive support and individual attention to all.

Hands-on learning experience for enhanced learning

We believe that students learn when they’re able to connect the dots. We help students to relate to practical use cases and provide hands-on learning experience to aid learning.

Environment with mutual respect and supportive attitude

In order to create a safe and caring environment, we always try to make sure that all students have mutual respect among each other and they support their fellow classmates.


Is there a birthdate requirement for Kindergarten?

A Kindergarten student should be five years old before September 1 of his Kindergarten year.

Does Collegiate offer financial aid?

Financial aid, based on need, is available at all grade levels, K-12. Financial aid includes tuition support as well as consideration for various Collegiate programs that enrich the experience of the student and encourage the participation of his family in the life of the school.

Is tuition all-inclusive?

The Admissions Office will call to schedule an applicant visit and parent interview after the application is received and filed. Applicants to Grades 1-4 may contact the Admissions Office regarding opportunities for enrollment. Appointments are scheduled only when there is an opportunity for enrollment in the grade.

When do decision letters go out?

As a member of ISAAGNY, Collegiate subscribes to the following notification dates: Kindergarten: Friday, February 7 Grades 1-8: Tuesday, February 4 Grades 9-12: Thursday, February 13

Lower School Application Process

Parents of applicants to Kindergarten – Grade 4 tour the school in small groups. To schedule a parent tour (offered September – January) submit a Tour Request.

If applying for financial aid –

File the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) with the School and Student Services By NAIS (sssbynais.org/parents). Collegiate.

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Creating A Knowledge Hub

We're in a mission to make learning fun. With our creative learning experience and full-fledged curriculum, you can be in the peace of mind that your kids' future are at safe hands!